I am a linguist affiliated to the Research Center for East Asian Linguistics (CRLAO) in Paris. My research interests include:

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Tibeto-Burman linguistics
descriptive linguistics
comparative linguistics
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areal linguistics
language contact
language documentation

I work on synchronic and diachronic descriptions of Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in mountainous areas in the south-west of China. My focus includes Tibetic languages (such as Baima 白马) and Qiangic languages (such as Shuhi 书亨 [aka Xumi 旭咪], Lizu 里汝, Ersu 尔苏, and Duoxu 多续). I have also worked on the semantics and syntax of Beijing Mandarin (aka Peking Mandarin).

Katia Chirkova with two speakers of the Duoxu language (Mianning, Sichuan Province, China, June 2016)

On this website you'll find an outline of my research projects, a list of my publications, a list of my presentations, sound files of languages I am working on, and pictures of my linguistic fieldwork in China. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my work, please feel free to contact me.